How to Apply

Independent Study

Creating a course probably isn’t something you’ve done before! It’s a fun and educational experience in and of itself. Here’s a guide for you to follow. Talking to teachers, librarians, and the Independent Study Coordinator (Tina Bessias) are good ways to start.

Once you have a well developed idea about your course, you should submit a proposal to the Independent Study Coordinator. It can take whatever format works best for you, and it should include 

  • a title 
  • the faculty advisor’s name 
  • driving questions
  • preliminary list of resources and activities 
  • month-by-month plan with mechanism for showing progress
  • anticipated form of final product (essay, prototype, film, presentation, etc.) 
  • list of your other major commitments: full academic schedule for year of proposed Independent Study + most important/time-consuming extracurricular activities
  • signature of student, parent, faculty advisor, content advisor,  and IS Coordinator

The recommended deadline for fall semester is May 1; for spring semester it is December 1.  The Academic Committee evaluates all proposals and notifies students of its decisions within a couple of weeks of submission (if during the school year).

Jack Linger Explorer Grant

Interested students are encouraged to discuss their ideas with the Independent Study Coordinator at any time of year. Applications are usually submitted as Google docs shared with the Coordinator, but any format that seems appropriate for the topic is welcome. All applications should include:

  • title
  • description of the activities and purposes behind them
  • anticipated impact on the individual, community, etc.
  • anticipated expenses and any relevant documentation 
  • faculty advisor if applicable 

2022 applications are due April 21. Selections are made by a committee of Upper School faculty and staff who are appointed by the Head of School. The committee looks for a spirit of physical and/or intellectual adventure, expansion of personal horizons, and potential for positive impact on others.