Independent Studies in Progress

Fall 2022

Robotics Masterclass (Chris Morris ’23)

Writing and performing comedy (Madison Smithwick ’23)

Business & computer science (Nikolas Larson ’23)

Queer-coding in books and film (Tatum Eppinger ’23)

Jazz Composition (Zebee Jewell-Alibhai ‘23)

Machine Learning and Cloud Infrastructure (Emilano Garcia-Lopez ’23)

Filmmaking (Amani Diallo ’23)

Learning Korean (Margaret Hulka ‘24)

Authoritarian Leaders (London Burnham ’23)

Information Security (Everett Wilber ‘24)

Early Pottery (Kathryn Linney ’23)

Linguistics (Lauren Lindberg ’23)

Asian Business Owners in Our Community (Kaia Chen ’23)

Norwegian Independence (Alex McClintock ’23)

Music Theory (Alden May ‘23)

Socioeconomic Barriers and Arts Inequality (Anji Sipkins-Chenn ‘23)

Data Management for Machine Learning (Charith Fernando ‘23)

Quantum Mathematics (Ella Simmons ‘23)

Entrepreneurship Through Social Media (Spencer Jennings ‘23)

Architecture (Santiago Hernandez-Cortes ‘23)